About Us

Thimios and Jerry are the 2 brothers behind the famous Sehre Cafe, an All Day Cafe Bar in Arachova only a few kilometers away from Parnassos Ski Resort. Their passion for winter sports along with their love for good coffee made them create Sehre Cafe.

We Recommend

For your brunch

Start your day with one of our signature dishes, the famous Kayianas or “#Elikoptero” and fuel your body with energy for mountain activities!!!

For the Mountain

Grab a bottle of a delicious cold brew coffee and taste the quality while on the mountain!!!

For your night out

After a nice day on the mountain it is time for a night out in beautiful Arachova and of course for a stop at Sehre Cafe for some signature cocktails!!!

Our Team

Thimios Sehre


Thimios is one of the 2 brothers who own Sehre Cafe and unless he is on the mountain skiing you will find him there along with his dog Chilly.

Jerry Sehre


Jerry is the younger brother of Thimios and is the guy behind the scenes who runs the back-end of their business.

Spiros Kiokios


Spiros has been with the team for around 5 years and has made Sehre Cafe popular for his Dish of the Day creations.

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